Top 11 foods that improve your immune system

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Immune system

It is a mechanism in which the body protects an individual from foreign substances and pathogens like Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful agents by producing an immune response

How you can boost your immune system

You can improve your immune system through different methods like exercise, and better sleep some individuals take medicine for a better immune system but the best way to increase the ability of the immune system are better intake of food

foods that will stimulate your immune system


  1. Greek yogurt helps the immune system to improve intestinal Health thanks to its content of probiotics responsible for supporting the good bacteria that fight disease


  1. citrus fruits contain high amounts of vitamin C which increase red blood cell production
  2. blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants molecules that help the body fight free radicals and cell aging.


  1. low-fat hot soups like chicken soup are a traditional home remedy when someone is suffering from a cold not only because of their Pleasant warm sensation that comes in handy for a day in bed but also because of their anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory tract associated with cold or other viruses and infections


  1. broccoli is one of the super vegetables loaded with vitamins and minerals that are important for overall health contains vitamins a c and e


  1. like citrus fruits cabbage is a great source of vitamin C


  1. red pepper is another alternative to sources of vitamin C it contains up to three times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges they contain beta-carotene which once processed by the body into Vitamin A will help promote iron skin health


  1. spinach is a great source of this pigment and is also rich in vitamin C


  1. garlic has a high concentration of sulfur-containing compounds and other immune-boosting properties to fight colds it also slows down the hardening of the arteries which makes it easier for immune cells to transport and distribute nutrients in the body


  1. ginger tea will prevent us from getting sick helps with inflammation and is very useful in reducing the symptoms of the common cold such as sore



  1. seeds such as sunflowers contain phosphorus magnesium and vitamins B6 and E vitamin E is especially important for an immune system.


  1. honey stimulates the immune system
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