Top 10 health benefits of onion 

flower onion

Top 10 health benefits of onion 

number one

Onion helps relieve torment after a honey bee sting when you are stung by a honey bee it tends to be a difficult and swelling experience applying ice and taking a pain reliever can be valuable however here’s a tip you might not have had a go at applying a newly sliced onion to the impacted region to diminish pain

number two

lowers bad cholesterol studies at the Chinese university of hong kong show that onions especially red ones can help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol studies show that consuming half a raw onion daily can help to raise good HDL cholesterol by 30 chives garlic and shallots are also effective they all come from the allium family

number three

increases your supply of glutathione. glutathione is one of the most important antioxidants our bodies produce even more of it by eating lots of onions and other vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli this antioxidant can ward off cancer heart disease and even Alzheimer’s disease


number four

stops colds in their tracks what do the roman emperor Nero and President George Washington got in common both men were absolutely convinced that the best way to stop cold and developing a sore throat was to eat an onion vitamin c is the responsible culprit


number five

may help keep blood sugar under control onions contain allyl propyl disulphide oil onion this oil acts in a way like how insulin helps balance blood sugar levels limited research shows that it helps to reduce blood glucose


number six

eliminates brown complexion spots skin blending onion juice in with an equivalent measure of apple juice vinegar can eliminate dim spots on the skin when applied two times per day melasma or hyperpigmentation is frequently brought about by sun contraceptives or pregnancy


number seven

it is currently settled in clinical circles that the quercetin flavonoid is fundamental in assisting with warding off or fixing the accompanying health conditions blood clusters, bronchitis, fever, diabetes, and asthma


number eight

detoxifying with onions one of the most over-the-top stressing parts of our current circumstance is how much we are exposed to some nasty metals lead cadmium and mercury these metals do a lot of damage to our bodies we have to dispose to get rid of these by detoxifying the best way of doing this is to find foods that have methane and cysteine which are sulphur-containing amino acids these act as a magnet for those harmful metals and help us excrete these onions have plenty of these amino acids so they are really a brilliant approach to detoxifying


number nine onions may  prevent cancer one of the most common cancers among men affects the prostate gland studies published in the journal of the national cancer institute shows that regular consumption of the allium family type of vegetable shallots garlic and onions may help to decrease the incidence of prostate cancer similar studies show that stomach and breast cancer rates may also be decreased by eating onions


number 10 helps to maintain brain health who isn’t worried about memory loss and brain acuity studies show that the consumption of onions can help when the brain is damaged by a stroke or a plot it seems to play an important role in our mental health

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